Our Company


First Sarmiento Property Holdings Inc, owns and developed University Residences to cater to the lower mid end segment of the real estate market.

First Sarmento Property Holdings Inc., has been in the real estate development business for more than 22 years and has been responsible for completing various housing projects with over fifty (50) hectares of land focusing mainly in the areas of Bulacan.

Among its sold out inventories are Sarmiento Homes in Marilao, Verde Heights and University Heights in San Jose Del Monte Bulcacan to name a few.

First Sarmiento Property Holdings would like to be one of the leading players in the house and lot development which would offer Value for Money wherein quality of houses would be at par with the industry’s best, and Integrity in building only the best as promised and delivered to its target market.

First Sarmiento Property Holdings commit itself to providing the most decent abode for its customers, profit with honor to its shareholders, belongingness among its employees and ideal community for its residents.

Integrity, Quality,Excellence



1992 Sarmiento Homes, Marilao
1.8 hectares | 103 units

1993 Sarmiento Townville, Poblacion
4.1 hectares | 314 units

1996 Sarmiento Homes Ph 2-5
Muzon, San Jose Del Monte
18.6 hectares | 2,350 units

1996 Verde Heights, Gaya-Gaya
San Jose Del Monte
14.8 hectares | 1,613 units

2000 Sarmiento Homes Phase 1
Muzon, San Jose Del Monte
8.3 hectares | 463 units

2005 Sarmiento Homes Annex
The Parkwoods, San Jose Del Monte
1.7 hectares | 240 units

2008 University Heights Phase 1
Brgy. Kaypian, San Jose Del Monte
2.7 hectares | 279 units

2010 University Heights Phase 2
Brgy. Kaypian, San Jose Del Monte
2.9 hectares | 220 units

San Jose Bulacan Cemetery
5 hectares